Purple Prize 2017 Kick-Off! Waiwai Challenge

  In ecologically balanced societies, culturally-embedded technologies enhance and serve sustainable, living systems that provide health and well-being for ʻāina and people, now and into the future. For example the pre-contact ahupuaʻa system was an ecological technology that solved for the problem of how to support a population of people over generations while ensuring the […]

Helping Children Succeed

Our staff has been doing some reading and discussion lately. We’ve been taking our time through Paul Tough’s Helping Children Succeed, which, amazingly, is available in full online. Tough highlights insights about teaching that many instinctive teachers already feel to be true. Tough, however, makes it clear that these insights are also supported by the latest and best […]

Demo Day Recap

Aloha mai! For this post we asked one of our instructors, David, to write about demo day. He teaches on Maui and was on the team Kukui Hele Pō. David writes: Well the Purple Prize demo day is over and I’d say it was a huge success. I greatly enjoyed the venue, the incredible food, […]

Purple Prize Demo Day

It’s not an easy thing to invest in your own ideas. After all, there are so many things competing for our time and attention. We’ve got to get to work on time, got to support and take care of our loved ones, got to do the thing the boss assigned you, got to figure out […]


As we continue to envision and work to build a tech ʻauwai, we have to think about the state of things along the whole length of the stream. We are preparing middle school students to possibly go on to pursue higher education and tech careers eventually, but when they’re at the point of entering the […]

Mālama and culture in the classroom

This post is the next in Kelsey’s ongoing reflections on the Ethnomathematics and STEM Institute, in which she is participating. At Purple Maiʻa we (or at least I) often struggle with how to articulate the way that we want to bring culture into the coding classroom. Bringing in culture as window dressing can do more […]

Technologies of Community

As this year’s Ethnomathematics and STEM Institute continues, we’ve progressed into considering the themes of Community and Laulima. At last month’s workshop we spent the first part of the day learning about kaula–rope/cordage. We learned how to tie knots such as the kapoline a.k.a. bowline knot–the life-saving knot that doesn’t cinch. If you found yourself knocked overboard and […]

Ethnomath and Roots

Aloha friends, this is Kelsey. Last month I had the privilege of attending the first two days of this year’s Ethnomathematics and STEM Institute. None of our instructors could attend this year, so I applied and was surprised to be accepted. I’m really hopeful that as part of this year’s cohort I’ll learn a lot […]

2015 Accomplishments, 2016 Resolutions

It feels like 2015 flew by, but at the same time it feels like our board and staff retreat in February 2015 was years ago. This year has seen Purple Mai’a expand from serving one middle school with after-school technology maker classes to serving three schools. It’s also been a year of making connections and meeting people as […]

Hour of Code!

It’s that time of year again–time to say mele kalikimaka and hauʻoli… pule kamepiula? It’s Computer Science Education Week which means that everyone is doing Hour of Code. For real, everyone seems to be doing it. Code.org‘s yearly challenge to students and educators to do an hour of code involves millions of people and 180+ countries.   […]