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About Purple Mai'a

About Us

Purple Maiʻa is a non-profit organization working to transform Hawai‘i’s young thinkers into makers.

Purple Maiʻa Foundation is a technology education nonprofit whose mission is to build pathways of knowledge together with high-opportunity youth in order to help communities thrive.

We currently teach beginning coding and computer science at nine locations in schools and communities where many students are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. As we increase access to tech education and increase students’ earning potential, we also ground students in the knowledge that their ancestors were indigenous innovators who used their skills to serve their communities and lands. Our focus on students that grow up in adversity reflects our belief that the resilience and perspective of Hawaiʻi’s people can and will shape the world for the better.

Something that sets us apart from other edtech organizations is that we are striving to create learning spaces that are affirming for Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and local students. We hope to combine the best of contemporary technology and 21st century skills with ancestral practices that value hands-on making, responsibility, balance with nature, and an orientation toward taking care of communities. We see the need for these indigenous values in contemporary tech culture, and we think that by teaching our students to innovate as indigenous technologists, we can be part of a global shift toward growing more sustainable societies.

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