We are looking for interns with an ability to work with middle school or high school aged students, with knowledge of coding and/or programming and a grounding in Hawaiian culture, and who are good role models for youth.

Classes may be after-school or during school hours, several days a week, at schools and community centers around Oʻahu (primarily Honolulu and Waiʻanae), with chances to remotely assist online classes or classes on neighbor islands. Having your own transportation will be helpful. Those who show commitment, proactiveness, and skill may be able to grow into full teaching positions or take on special projects aligned with your skillset. This is a paid position.

If youʻre interested, please fill out this application.


Preferred requirements:

  • Knowledge of computer programming, web development, mobile development, graphic design, Hawaiian language and culture, and/or STEM. Portfolio of work a plus.
  • Any teaching experience, but prefer experience with middle school and high school students
  • Ability to effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to interact effectively in a multicultural setting
  • Open to connecting computer science learning with Hawaiian or other cultural technological knowledge and values, deepening and diversifying knowledge of both


  • Take part in mandatory intern onboarding and/or start of year training
  • Learn course material 2 weeks ahead of students
  • Attend all classes you commit to and follow absence/late policy
  • Monitor the learning as well as emotional progress of students, providing on-on-one help with course content and mentoring whenever possible
  • If necessary, works to build competency in game, mobile app, web development languages, or other class content when necessary to be able to assist students
  • Assist instructors with troubleshooting and classroom management if necessary
  • May assist with classroom data collection and participate in staff reflections on project effectiveness and student progress
  • May occasionally take the lead in teaching, at the instructorʻs discretion